Why Hartley?

Hartley Exteriors is your trusted local roofer serving Lake Country since 2006

Hartley Exteriors was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 2006 by Oconomowoc’s very own Troy Hartley. Most locals know him as “Big Troy.” Troy started roofing in the 90’s and most people know of Troy’s craftsmanship and recognition as the best damned Roofer around. Troy is the father of three, quite the fisherman, and a local Rugby legend for the Oconomowoc Rugby Football Club.

Trusted Experience

Hartley Exteriors provides all of the services you need to restore your home or business.




If you have hail damage, here’s how the insurance claim process works:

We make the Storm Damage Restoration Insurance Claim process as straight forward as possible. The majority of homeowners may have never filed an insurance claim for hail damage. Although many claims are paid fairly, with a large storm adjusters are very busy and often-times make mistakes. Invariably, many items may be missed on a claim and that’s where our expertise comes in. We have the ability to identify shortfalls in the claim and work to negotiate these items and maximize the insurance funds.

To begin the process, we will inspect all of the exteriors of your home. Once adequate damage has been detected, the next step is filing a claim with your Insurance Company. When applicable, we will meet the adjuster at your home to represent your best interests. This ensures that the scope of the work is agreed to up front, rather than arguing after the fact about missed damage or extra costs. Your Insurance Company will present you with a summary for dwelling and/or scope of damage outlining the grand total or Replacement Cost Value (RCV), comprising of the first disbursement or Actual Cash Value (ACV), depreciation (hold-back money) and your out-of-pocket deductible. The first disbursement of the ACV check may be for an amount less than what it costs to restore your home, but will provide down-payment funds to begin work.  As construction commences, our staff will take care of getting all back-end monies released including depreciation hold-back payment. The recovering of depreciated funds can be an extremely difficult and confusing process, causing red tape and delays. The Insurance Company will issue payments to both you, the insured, and your Mortgage Company if applicable, thus causing further delay. Rest assured that we understand the intricate procedure for each Insurance Company and Mortgage Company. Our staff handles the entire process. Our goal is to do all of the legwork in order to relieve you of the stress of working with your Insurance Company and Mortgage Company so that the only responsibilities you have are to choose your product specifications and pay your deductible. Hartley Exteriors handles all of the restoration work line by line as outlined by the insurance scope.